Our History & Culture

Established in 1992, Qianhui IP Attorneys & Consultants Group (hereafter names as “Qianhui”) is one of the first batch of Chinese professional IP agencies approved by Chinese government. Since his reconstruction in 2002, Qianhui keeps ranking No. 1 in Shandong province continuously and among the top 15 IP agencies in China. After over 25-year development, Qianhui establishes the direct and close cooperation with overseas IP agencies in more than 100 countries and regions, which enables Qianhui’s foreign IP services ranking top 10 among Chinese IP agencies. As a leading comprehensive IP agency in China, Adhering to the spirit of “Altruism, Integrity, Professionalism and Devotion” , Qianhui is always engaging to providing high valued, high-quality, all-around and solution-oriented IP services to the clients at home and abroad.

Our Services

Trademark Services

Application Services: Domestic trademark registration,   Madrid international trademark registration,   Single national trademark registration,   Regional trademark registration,   Trademark customs recordal prosecution,  Global trademark watch service
Legal Services: Trademark opposition,  cancellation,  invalidation,  review/ adjudication,  Trademark administrative litigation,  administrative investigation & treatment,  Trademark infringement litigation and related legal services,  Miscellaneous difficult cases
High-end Services: Trademark operation & management,   Trademark strategy consultation.

Patent Services

Consultation Services: Patent search and study,  Patent due diligence investigation,  Patent analysis & strategy,  Required industry consultation service
Domestic Application Services: The diagnosis of patent portfolio,  Filing and prosecution of patent applications for invention,   utility model and design,  Patent reexamination & invalidation,  Patent customs recordal prosecution,  Patent watch services
Overseas Application Services: PCT System (International patent application),  The Hague Agreement System,  The Paris Convention System,  Miscellaneous national & regional application system
Legal Services: Filing response to patent invalidation,  Announcement of patent invalidation,  Patent administrative Litigation,   administrative investigation & treatment,  Patent infringement litigation and related legal services,  Foreign dispute solutions
Management Services: Patent annuity payment,  Patent right restoration,  Change in the bibliographic data,  Recordal of patent license contract for exploitation,  Patent right assignment

Brand Services

Brand Diagnosis: Brand survey,   Brand requirement diagnosis
Brand Planning: Brand positioning,   Brand naming,   Brand story illustration,  Brand conception & culture,  Brand slogan,   CIS (Corporate Identity System)
Brand Design: Logo Design,  VIS(Visual Identity System),   Packaging design,   Office space design,  Terminal store image design,   Exhibition hall design
Brand Promotion: Brochure design,   Website design,   Publicity material design,  New media communication plan,  Outdoor advertising promotion

Copyright Services

Copyright registration,  Software copyright registration,  Accelerated examination of software copyright registration,  Copyright infringement litigation

Litigation Services

Overall IP administrative litigations,  IP infringement litigations,  IP administrative investigation,  complaints & treatments

Miscellaneous Related Services

Domain name registration,   No-geographical company registry,   Overseas company registry,   Recognition of High-tech Enterprise,  Implementation of Enterprise IP Management system,   Recognition of well-known trademark,   Construction of Enterprise IP management system,   Portfolio & planning of enterprise IP strategy,   IP training & consultation.
Group Structure