Tips For Using Long Articles Effectively

Every now and then all article writers come upon topics that just need more words to fully explain than would be feasible for one article. In this article, I’ll lay out how to deal with this eventuality in the most beneficial way for both you and your readers.

The first thing to realize about this scenario is that it can actually be a blessing in disguise, especially for article marketing purposes. If you focus on the goal – which is to get as many people as possible to click the link to your site at the end of your articles – a solution becomes clear.

The Part 1 – Part 2 Strategy

Split the long article into two parts. This lends itself perfectly to your intent of making readers interested enough to visit your site. Simply end the first part with an invitation to get the rest of the story at your site, where you post Part 2.

However, it’s a bit trickier than it appears. You need to make it clear in the article’s title that you’re offering Part 1. Some article directories will reject submissions with titles that imply conclusions that are not actually within the article’s body. Just include a notation that this is Part 1 in your article title and description, and you should be fine.

Then, the other potentially tricky part of this strategy is crafting the end of Part 1 in such a way that it entices readers to click to your site for the rest of the story. You want to provide quality information in Part 1, so that readers who don’t click your link will still take away something useful. Just make sure to end Part 1 with the promise of completing the circle with Part 2 at your site. how to publish a book

Why It Works

The advantages of this two-part article strategy include reducing the length of each part, so that you don’t wear out your readers. It’s also important to note that in my testing of it, I’ve seen a definite trend toward higher click-through rates using this scheme – which makes sense if you think about it. Everybody wants closure, right?

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