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What is the difference between “its and it’s”?

Is it advise or advice?

Your or You’re?

Found yourself ever typing like this on Google search engine? More than once I’m sure.

We are exposed to so many mediums of communication and thanks to the invention of internet; there is nothing we can’t find an answer to. However, back in the day we did not have Google. We did not have mobile phones or tablets or virtual dictionaries to help us research, or create perfect pieces of content. In the digital age of today, a writing inspiration can be found from anywhere and everywhere and is just a click away. Essay typer

The learning generation of today, that is our students; are exposed to wonderful applications and websites that can always find an “easy” solution to every task they’re assigned. We’ll talk about one such task which is integral to every student and that is essay writing. Write my Essay

Do you know the word essay is derived from the word “essayer” that means to try or to attempt in French? So we know that there is no perfect essay ever written. It’s in the name.

Every individual gets better at any job with practice. Sometimes a student’s first language is not English and that makes it even harder for them to express what they’re thinking about a certain topic they are assigned to write about. Also if a student is in an English speaking country, doesn’t mean he or she will write correct English. Who Invented homework

So, how much importance should a student give to essay writing?

The answer is a – lot of importance. Writing an essay, or a story, or any piece of content is not just a task given to us while growing up or for getting good grades. It also lays a foundation of a lot of factors that define ones personality. This personality goes a long way when students of today aspire to become leaders of tomorrow.

Essay writing can help a student in more than one ways. To name a few;

– It helps one build an opinion on situations or political issues
– It stimulates ones imagination and gives a direction to think before writing
– It is a good exercise for the brain & also helps one build their vocabulary

Most students do not realize this and often reach out to their parents or friends to finish up their essays or any writing projects. But with a little help students can make essay writing fun and ensure the quality is good.

Essay checkers available online often provide the right feedback and help students improve their essay writing skills.

What will students learn if they opt for essay checkers?

Students will build on their writing process & writing style. At the end of it they will learn the following:

– How to build an essay outline
– How to use essay hacks
– How to have a convincing essay conclusion
– How to generate new essay ideas
– How to strengthen their essay form

As a teacher or a parent it becomes our responsibility to expose our children to the right kind of technology, to the right kind of information. If we want them to get better at writing, we will have to extend every support that we can.

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